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Mr Gorilla King

Mr Gorilla King 10000 Puffs Disposable Vape | Check Price

Mr Gorilla King 10000 Puffs Disposable Vape | Check Price

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  • Brand: Mr Gorilla King
  • Puffs: 10000+ Puffs
  • Flavours: 12+ Flavour
  • E-liquid: 2ml 
  • Battery Capacity: 18300mah 
  • RGB Light
  • Nicotine Free Vape
  • Air Adjustable

The Mr Gorilla King 10000 puff vape is one of the most long lasting and satisfying puffing revel in that you may get. It is available in 12ml e-liquid, air adjustable. It's a great Vape Disposable for people who smoke.

The Gorilla King vape features a powerful battery that lasts for over ten thousand puffs. It has 18300mah battery because of this it's far extraordinarily effective and offers you an extended lasting vaping experience.

The gorilla vape 10000 puffs  also comes with an adjustable airflow so that you can manipulate the amount of vapor that is produced. It has 4 unique airflow stages that you can modify.

It is a coil-free gorilla vape and the vapour cloud is amazing. It comes with 2ml of e-liquid and is air adjustable. It is a refillable e-liquid disposable vape and the e-liquid interior is nicotine free. It is best for newbies and people who smoke

Mr Gorilla King 10000 Flavours:

  • Cool Mint: This fresh mint vape juice is made from a combination of various mint extracts, menthol extract, and sweeteners. It has a cooling impact that is fresh and satisfying.
  • Raspberry Watermelon: Raspberry Watermelon flavour is a scrumptious and fresh e-liquid so that it will hold you coming lower back for more. It has a sweet and tangy flavour with recommendations of sparkling raspberries and juicy watermelons.
  •  Red Apple Lemon: Red Apple Lemon is a fresh e-liquid it really is best for those hot summer time days. It's made with clean apples and lemons, giving it a sweet and bitter flavor this is difficult to withstand.
  • Mixed Berries: Mixed Berries flavour is a mix of sparkling sour blueberries with a touch of sweetness. It's a scrumptious e-liquid this is ideal for folks that love the flavor of fresh fruit.
  • Lush Ice: A sweet and gratifying treat for all of your senses, this ice-infused, tropical flavor will make your mouth water in anticipation of taking your next clean drag.
  • Gummy endure: This yummy gummy eliquid taste brings all your favored flavors of sweet gummy sweet together for an revel in with a purpose to take you proper lower back to your formative years.
  • Grape Ice: This grape ice vape is the right combo of crisp, grape-flavored eliquid with a cooling twist that is sure to satisfy your candy teeth right away flat.
  • Blue Sour Raspberry: This Blue Sour Raspberry severe, tart and sweet, fruit-flavored vape juice is the proper combination of flavors so as to have you ever coming returned for extra very quickly flat.
  • Peach Berry: This sweet, fruit taste is a scrumptious deal with to the palette. The combo of sweet peach and tart berry flavors effects in an excessive, scrumptious vape revel in that is sure to satisfy.
  • Blueberry On Ice: This combination brings together the candy and juicy flavor of blueberry ice with a groovy, invigorating blast for a genuinely unique experience with a purpose to have you vaping all day long.
  • Blueberry Bubblegum: Blueberry Bubblegum vape is a traditional flavour that you may experience in the summertime with candy blueberry flavor and juicy, and it's far observed via a tangy bubblegum note.
  • Strawberry Watermelon: With the sweet and clean flavor of strawberry and the crisp, tart taste of watermelon, this e-juice gives the ultimate strawberry watermelon vape experience so that it will leave your flavor buds and senses glad.
  • Strawberry Kiwi: Strawberry Kiwi Vape combines the sweetness of strawberries with the tangy flavour of kiwis, resulting in a harmonious combination as a way to leave your taste buds tingling for greater.
  • Blue Razz Ice: The taste brings together the beauty of blue raspberries, the subtle tartness of fresh raspberries, and the nippiness of icy, bloodless menthol.
  • Peach Mango: Peach Mango is an fragrant and unique fruit. The taste is pretty much like tropical fruits, and it has a sour taste with a candy taste. The precise taste is a chunk sour and candy.
  • Dr Blue: A conventional e-juice of Mr Gorilla King, is a sweet, smooth and creamy combo of a refreshing combo of blueberries and a hint of menthol.
  • Blueberry Raspberry: One of our exceptional promoting vape flavours. Mixed berry flavouring combined with ripe, tangy raspberry that completely represents its summertime sweetness.
  • Pineapple Ice: Pineapple Ice crystal is a refreshing and engaging vape taste that mixes the candy and juicy taste of pineapple with the cool and crisp sensation of ice.
  • Cherry: The flavour of cherries, which have a unique mixture of sour and candy flavours.It has a strong taste of sweet cherry, and its aroma is likewise pretty sweet.
  • Strawberry Ice: This ice is truly thick inside the mouth, after which a refreshing wave comes. It feels bitter and a touch candy. It’s exact to experience it within the spring and summer season!
  • Pink Lemonade: The flavor is a aggregate of candy and tart flavors which are paying homage to a fresh glass of pink lemonade.
  • Mint Menthol: Menthol is a cooling and refreshing flavor that gives a menthol-like experience without the harshness of mint. This flavor is best for people who experience a cooling and refreshing vape revel in.
  • Tropical Delight: A mixture of tropical fruit flavours in a groovy and clean burst of icy sweetness. It is sort of a flavor of a holiday at the beach, and the flavour will exchange with every puff you're taking.
  • Watermelon Lemonade: This fruit has a delicious tart and slightly tangy flavor that contrasts flawlessly with the candy watermelon notes. The resulting fruit is bursting with flavor.

Customer Reviews: Mr Gorilla King 10000 puff vape has received wonderful critiques from customers. They love the reality that it is nicotine loose and that it gives them a protracted lasting vaping revel in. King gorilla additionally recognize the fact that it's far durable and that it has an adjustable airflow.

Compared to others: The price of the Mr Gorilla Vape may be very reasonable. It is inexpensive than other disposable vapes available on the market, and it is a awesome cost in your cash. Overall, The gorilla vape disposable is a top notch vape disposable for people who smoke. It is nicotine unfastened, has a effective battery, and is adjustable for airflow. It is likewise moderately priced and gives a superb vaping revel in.

Mr Gorilla King 10000 FAQs

How long does it take to price the Mr Gorilla King 10000 puff vape?

A. It takes approximately four hours to price the disposable.

How do I adjust the airflow on the Mr Gorilla King ten thousand puff vape?

A. Simply twist the bottom of the disposable to adjust the airflow.

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