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Elux Firerose Nova 600 Puffs Disposable Vape

Elux Firerose Nova 600 Puffs Disposable Vape

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  • Brand: Elux
  • Puffs: Up-To 600
  • Coil: Mesh Coil
  • E-liquid: 2ml
  • Nicotine: 2%
  • Battery: 550mAh battery
  • Size: 63 * 31.8 * 17.8 mm
  • Flavours: 32+ Flavours
  • Vaping Style: Mouth to Lung
  • Draw activate pod device
  • Compact , Clear Crystal Sleek Design
  • TPD Version
  • Puff Up For A Great Time

Elux Firerose Nova 600 Puffs Disposable Vape is a small, discreet and powerful vaping tool that lets in customers to enjoy flavorful vapor with out the hassle of refilling the tank or traumatic about battery lifestyles. The tool has a sleek, contemporary design and capabilities an adjustable airflow machine for a customizable vaping revel in. With as much as 600 puffs from a single fee, this device is a handy and less costly option for vapers of all ranges.

This Elux tool is powered by a 550mAh battery, which affords enough energy to last as long as six hundred puffs. The battery is rechargeable and can be charged through USB. The device also functions an LED indicator to expose the battery degree, making it smooth to preserve track of ways lots power is left.

In the context of Elux Disposable Vape, "airflow" refers to the amount of air that flows via the tool at the same time as vaping. Airflow may be adjusted on some vaping gadgets, that can have an effect on the quantity of vapor produced and the overall flavor of the e-liquid. The Firerose Elux is designed to offer a comfortable and easy vaping experience, with an adjustable airflow gadget that permits users to tailor the draw to their possibilities.

The mesh coil within the Elux Vape tool is designed to provide a greater regular vaping revel in with higher taste and cloud production. The coil is product of superb substances which can be capable of maintain their performance over the years, even after more than one uses. Additionally, the mesh coil is able to provide a smoother and greater even vapor, ensuing in a extra exciting vaping revel in.

Elux Firerose Nova 600 Flavours:

  • Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum: Combining the candy and juicy flavours of strawberry and watermelon with the conventional taste of bubblegum, this is a delectable vape with a purpose to keep you coming again for extra.
  • Blueberry Raspberry: This Blueberry Raspberry elux flavour is full of juicy blueberries and ripe raspberries, it's a sweet and tangy deal with with the intention to tantalize your flavor buds.
  • Red Apple Ice: This e-liquid combines the candy and tart flavour of purple apple with a fresh touch of menthol, creating a perfect stability of sweet and cool flavours.
  • Strawberry Ice: This flavour is a juicy and fruity mixture of ripe strawberries and clean menthol, it is an excellent mix of candy and funky flavours so one can fulfill your flavor buds.
  • Cherry Ice: Sweet and tangy cherry-flavoured juice blended with the cooling sensation of ice for a fresh cherry enjoy.
  • Strawberry Kiwi: Strawberry Kiwi elux is a Sweet and ripe strawberry and Kiwi culmination combined with a splash of ice, bringing you the exceptional fruity combination in one flavour.
  • Watermelon Crush Ice: It's a fab, fresh watermelon elux vape full of a fruity watermelon taste. It's a completely summery fruit flavour with a cool breeze of ice on top. As a bonus, there's a hint of mint in it, to supplement the fruity flavor.
  • Strawberry Raspberry Candy Ice: Strawberry Raspberry Candy Ice has a bitter candy flavour with strawberry and raspberry. It's clearly fruity and has a strong, scrumptious taste. There's additionally a refreshing hint of mint in it for additonal flavour.
  • Hubbla Bubbla: Freshly-squeezed pear and strawberry, collectively with a few ice, supply a pleasant fruity flavour that will provide you with a clean revel in.
  • Pink Lemonade: Pink Lemonade elux is a delicious drink flavour with a mix of fruity lemonade and the delicious flavour of blended berries. It has a sweet and fruity flavor that is perfect for a day drink.
  • Ice Pop: Ice Pop elux is a totally popular candy flavour. It has a robust candy taste and a sweet and funky flavour. It's a surely sweet vape with a sturdy, refreshing taste.
  • Blueberry Cherry Cranberry: This Blueberry Cherry Cranberry elux fruity blend combines a sweet and tart berry taste. It's a refreshing vape that tastes like a fruit bowl. It's very candy and has a strong, fruity taste.
  • Rainbow: The vape juice combines numerous unique fruity flavors in a unmarried bundle, ensuing in a taste that has a very dynamic range of flavors. You’ll love the way this vape tastes from the first puff.
  • Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice: This Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice vape juice is refreshing with its light candy taste of fruity mixed berries and a dash of ice to provide the precise end in your vaping consultation.
  • Strawberry Jam: A classic flavor it's perfect for normal use, this mixture of strawberry with a touch of jam will preserve you coming lower back for greater.
  • Apple Peach Pear: Apple peach pear, a fruity, flavor-packed vape with the intention to have your taste buds tingling and your mouth watering!
  • Gummy Bear: Gummy Bear elux is a sweet vape juice, like the gummy bears, is a great deal with for those with a candy teeth. With a touch of sweetness and a fruity punch, this vape juice is sure to meet your sweet cravings.
  • Blueberry Pomegranate: Blueberry Pomegranate vape is a sweet and luscious blueberries along side a burst of pomegranate are an ideal pairing for an exceptional vape enjoy.
  • Dream Peach Razz: A succulent blend of juicy peach vape, sweet raspberries, and a touch of sparkling lemon will come up with that delectable kick you're seeking out!
  • Lemon Lime: This lemon and lime elux vape juice has a fruity taste with a citrus twist, making it a fantastic vape. This vape juice is the right way to calm down and lighten up after an extended day of vaping.

Customer Reviews: The Elux Firerose has received usually top notch evaluations from clients. They praise its overall performance, flavor, and simplicity of use. Many clients additionally appreciate the device's cheap fee, making it a extraordinary opportunity for those seeking out a charge variety-great vaping tool.

Compared To Others: The Vape elux offers many advantages over distinctive disposable vaping gadgets. For example, its large 2ml e-liquid ability permits for longer vaping intervals, whilst its higher-ability battery ensures that customers can take greater puffs earlier than wanting to recharge. Overall, the Elux 600 Puffs Disposable Vape is an outstanding opportunity for vapers searching out a handy, low cost and customizable vaping experience.

Elux Firerose Nova 600 FAQs

Q: How do I use the Elux Firerose Nova 600 Puffs Disposable Vape?

A: The device is designed to be customer-friendly. To use, sincerely eliminate the cap, inhale from the mouthpiece and revel in. The tool functions an adjustable airflow device for customizable vapor production.

Q: How many puffs can I get from a unmarried price?

A: The device is able to as much as 600 puffs from a single rate.

Q: How lots nicotine is within the Disposable Vape Elux?

A: The Disposable Vape Elux comes with 2 ml of salt-primarily based nicotine e-liquid with a 2% nicotine power.

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